Blogging is Great. Imagine A Day when you get up, With no bars of time, stick to your home as long as you want, No pressure of your boss, Taking your computer out and start doing what you love to, following your passion with extremely beautiful life.

Isn’t That Great!

But this dream will remain a dream for most of you. just because you want to earn money online, you cannot run a blog.

If you are looking to start a personal blog this week, here are my words to you.

After A 3 years of blogging Experience with WordPress, I can definitely tell you to start your own blog right away.

Whether you want to write about a mobile phone lauch, or you want to tell the world how you cook Your special rice, with blogging you have a great platform with no bars.

Six Months. Just dedicate your six months of extracted spare time to blogging and your passion. Thsi is enough to judge yourself. You will see astonishing results in this time.

Personal blogs are great to read and people live to connect with these bloggers. They are natural, they don’t miss guide anyone, they write about their experiences and the way they live their life. Often they share their ideas about how they do a particular work to help people reading their blog.

Try to start a “whole personal blog” at the beginning. Don’t drag a partner. The best thing you can do is to take a family member as your partner. I remember when i did my first partnership with a blogger from Delhi, he wrote some great articles for me but that didn’t do well for my readers.

The articles where more “self oriented” as if he was trying to grab the readership to his own author archives. I had a competition with my own blog’s viewership!

This taught me a lesson of never getting in a partnership deed.

Blogging is a great platform to express yourself. Sitting in India you can influence and connect people living far away. As the time passes, you will create a great community of your online followers who believe in you.

You can write about your study routine, your tips and tricks, your tech hacks, your secrete recipe, your travel destination, your makeup kit or DIY ideas. It could be anything.

Keep it simple and unique. Write as if you are dictating to a person sitting in front of you. Stay easy to connect. Answer all your comments, All of them. Don’t force hard to understand words. Write in the vernacular language.

You want to earn money.Agreed. You don’t have enough money to start a blog.ok. what will you do and how will you do?Your blog isn’t a gold mine. Don’t expect to earn a single penny from the beginning. Keep yourself focused to the content and slowly increase your monetization reach. Don’t force your blog to print notes.

Take your blog as an investment. Invest few dollars and watch your progress. If you don’t succeed which isn’t possible is your are dedicated and passionate, DumbĀ  the Idea, Move on… Simple as that. Start Your Own Blog.

You have to have patience. Over the time you will definitely start earning a decent amount of money to keep going.

One of my favourite personal blog, HelenInBetween will work as a great inspiration for you if you look forward to start a travel blog.

A personal blog can be in anything. Blog to express and don’t worry about the traffic. blogging is a slow process but once established, it has the power to change lives.

I will not be telling you about Practicing SEO, Optimizing your Speed or making money. Since my whole purpose is to inspire you. Blogging can give you something no other work can. Make sure you are transparent and truthful with your work. There must be a unparalleled dedication inside you.

If you just want to make money,better to stay away from blogging. There are several other jobs you can do to earn money. Blogging is an art and you need to become an Artist to build your online presence.

Start your personal blog today, it just takes a few dollars to set your first step towards your dream. If money is the problem, you can purchase a Domain and Hosting for $12.50 from NameCheap Or From Ipage at $ 1.99 with a Free Domain. (Read Our Ipage Review).

Do remember to inform me If you started your new blog and I may love to assist you.

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