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Update 2018 :- HilltopAds require daily 20-30k views.  They claim their most diversified popunder Ads will not give you the best CPM for low traffic.  It’s better to choose Adbuff or propeller ads.

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Hilltop Ads

high paying cpm ad networks

Many of the new bloggers want to earn money as soon as they start their blog or website. This somehow becomes tough for them because of their little knowledge about Different Ad Networks Apart from AdSense.

Today, We will be discussing about an Ad network which is The Best Among any Ad network in terms of Its CPM Rates & Fast Approval. This doesn’t mean that Hilltop Offer low quality Ads, They are As To-The-Quality Focused as AdSense. You’re gonna find It Yourself As I Have Explained it all below & as soon As you Sign up.


(Fast Approval)
These are a Glimpse of The Statistical Data of Hilltop’s Daily Impressions.They Have been growing very efficiently in past 6 months and that’s why Their services have also reached a new level.
They provide real time detailed statistics ( Which We All really Love ❤) So you don’t have to wait a whole day to see your earnings report. They charge No fees for transactions and have a net 7 day payout system. The CPM is decided on the real time bids of the Advertisers insuring the publisher the highest CPM price.
The one best thing about HilltopAds, is their Support system, you get a dedicated support staff(An account Manager) whome you can contact via Skype or Email or telegram anytime you want.
They have recently added new Ad Formats including In Player Ads which generated a very good Amount of money. You can choose The Ad format which suits the best for your site.You will have access to their mobile optimized Banner Ads which will be the best choice if you don’t want your visitors to get disturbed by Ads
Hilltop Ads provide complete solutions for Advertisers as well and by creating an Account on HilltopAds you have an Access to both Publisher As well As Advertiser Panel To promote your content.
They provide best optimized Ads based upon country,device,browser,time and keywords and make sure that The Advertiser as well as publisher both get the maximum out of the Ads Displayed.
The HilltopAds are best for any blogger looking for High CPM than any other Network. Hilltops are not so harsh upon websites and they easily approve you, if you have been following my guides (Make your blog Ads ready) or if you provide quality content. Don’t just relay upon Adsense, Always try out different alternatives and see which Ad Network works the best for you and generate the highest income.

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