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Hey bforblogger, this is Bhaskar,

Every blogger dreams of earning great money through their blogs in a very period of short time. Sometimes in the lead for earning money (💵) They start to give least attention to their Audience and Content and do Some of the Many things which start depleting their Traffic and Earnings Ultimately.

Today,By Starting This Series, I am about to Share my top tips,Techniques,tools and suggestions Guide by Which you can start a makeover for your Blog. I will share every technique i know and i find over after. This is A Topic By Topic Guide and is gonna be extended in several Articles, so Make sure you subscribe my blog through Email Newsletter Or Follow me. Now without Any further clarifications, Let’s Start!!
Choosing your Niche
Choose your Niche Based on your interest 
knowledge.This is very important. Many of the bloggers choose their niches according to their interest and having very little knowledge about the field,they face issues like lack of confidence and hard time in getting recognition. For Example, You may be interested in watching Starts at night and seeing constellations,Buy you may not know everything in-depth about Stars and about every shape of the constellations. You do this just for your enjoyment etc. 
Never ever be a Copycat
Copying content gives your blog a negative SEO. It’s little impacts on your blog can take you down. You may also get in the copyright Act trouble and may be Fined. You will also, never be approved for quality Ad Networks like AdSense,, Infolinks etc. 
Make yourself a Bookworm
For me, being a book worm has always helped me through every type of situation. Always try to grasp knowledge and skills form anywhere you can, learn the art of continuous learning, to help you give your competition a tough one.The more you read the more you will be able to give a better content to your reader. This will incredibley increase your confidence and experience.
That’s It for Today,In coming sessions i will discuss more about the tools you can use to make your blog a better place for your visitors to trust upon. I will also tell you about some of the interesting sites i have seen, for new bloggers to increase their revenues.
Till then, have a look at these:-

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