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Hey bforblogger, this is Bhaskar,

Welcome to session 2,

Today you will be learning about how to manage your time between writing blog posts and promoting it. This is a very important skill to learn because this is the foundation where your blogging success will be built. Slowly but efficiently, you have to learn this, and i will be helping you,till the end.

Utilize Your Free Time

For Making your blogging consistent you have to make sure you utilize your free-time. In your free time try to write your ideas and thoughts you prepare for your next post and save them in your blog (Don’t publish,Save it) immediately instead of keeping it for tomorrow. 
Research-Before you Write
Even if you are a master in the topic you are about to write, It’s Always better To keep your self updated. Read before you write and see if you find something Very useful you didn’t knew about.
This will also make sure you don’t write anything wrong and miss guide your Audience.
Focus on Specific Region

Target your preferred region first. Select the countries you want can deliver your contents and try to mention those countries in your content. It is very important as when you will start affiliate marketing, you will have to have a good list of particular Region’s Audience. You can’t sell sweaters in Africa and t-shirts in Iceland.
Note- If you prefer USA but get more Audience from INDIA, Try switch yourself if you can. This shows you are more welcomed by Indian audience more than the USA’S and vice versa.
Focus where your content is in demand or needed

Start to promote your content when you have at least 7-8 pages of content. The best will be 10.
Promote your content immediately after you have published them. This will boost your traffic significantly. The best posts to promote when you are free are the oldest ones. Don’t go on promoting recent contents unnecessarily.
For gaining large audience for your blog, Don’t try to deceive them by providing links to products on which you can’t give a guarantee. This will have negative impact on your blog.
In coming up sessions, i will be telling you about how and why you will start affiliate marketing & Advertising with keeping certain things in mind.

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