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You must have been using different types of Ads network either CPC or CPM for your new blogs which are currently not approved for AdSense.

So, in past sessions we have discussed about posting and sharing contents, and you all must be very exited to start earning money as soon as possible. This is what we will be discussing today

In today’s session I will be Sharing some of the best Ads network and you can trust and get high eCPM.

Be careful to use only trusted Ad networks for your website or blog. All the below mentioned Ad Networks are those which i have used in past and received payments. There are several Networks who lure new bloggers,Advertise through them and pay nothing in return. That’s why i have prepared this list of some of the genuine and the best.

We will also look in to “how to” and “where to” place them in your website or blog including “The Do’s and don’ts”.

Let’s Start with The Ad Networks first, then we will move on to Their placement and outlooks :-

They are The highest eCPM paying Ad network for Any type of Ad. This Network is highly recommended.They pay the best price in the market. They are a fast approval and no-minimum-traffic requirement Network But you must have a quality blog in order to get approved.


The Only Quality Ad Network which approves any website or blog immediately, Either new or old, high quality or low, High-traffic or low. You just have to sign up through their banner to get instantly approved and start earning. An year ago before came, chitika was considered as the best choice after Adsense
They pay you using Payoneer | Sign up ($25 Bonus)
The Best choice for Blogs which are New with Low traffic. PopAds is a very good choice for low traffic sites As They Approve easily.Their rates are also very good and you can withdraw your money DAILY.
They provide every type of Ad including Adult/Gambling, But you can remove these through your control panel.
*PopAds is not suggested for High-Quality Blogs/Websites.

These Were the  Best (2017) Ad Networks for any new Or/and experienced Blogger Apart from AdSense.



Now We will be discussing about The Placement of These Ads,The Most Important Thing to ensure your visitors have a great experience.

Below are the rules and Suggestions, The Do’s and don’ts, which will work best for the blogs or website with any designs or template :-

Always choose 300 x 250 px Banners (Mobiles)
And 160 x 600 px Banners (Desktop)

These two sizes are the best and create the highest number of Impressions as well as CPC/CPM Rates and Your Ads will face lesser no. Of “NO-BIDS”.

Below are the examples of both Sizes


(160 x600 px) Also known as Skyscraper


Place The Ad On the Top of the Pages
To maximise earnings and decrease Block & No Bid Rates, always be sure to place your Ads on the top of the page.
Place Three Ads At max on one Page
Remember, Always place only 3 Ads, No matter which kind of Ads (CPC or CPM) you are using. Otherwise Ads won’t be displayed on your page and you will not earn revenue from that page.
Place Ads at the Top below the post and bottom
By Placing The Ads at the top, below the post and at the bottom, ensures that impressions are being created for almost every visitor. This is the BEST practice for Adsense or CPC Ads.
Don’t Place Ad Code Near Images
Never place Ad codes near images as they may show irrelevant Ads Regarding the Content and users hate this. The best place is the space left right after the content’ s End. You can place Banner as well as intext Ads there.
Don’t force/fool your audience to click on Ads.
Don’t place CPC Ads where you place internal clickable links or banners. People should have a clear idea on what they are going to see after they click on the specific link or banner or your AdSense Account May be Banned.
Don’t,Ever Click on You own Ad
Never ever click on your own Ad
The statement above is a rock solid rule and should never be broken. You will be immediately banned from any Ad network and your site will be blacklisted. You don’t earn any money for your own clicks.
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The Next session will be on Focusing about Linking and Affiliation Methods.

So Don’t forget to Share & stay tuned!!

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