The Blog Makeover Series|Session 4|Affiliate Marketing-Detailed Discussion

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Affiliate Marketing for blogs and websites -bforbloggers

*The Thoughts,ideas,Tools, skill and everything i am going to share with you is something Not even the most famous and reputed blogs do for free, they sell these In the form of paid E-Books. You can check this for yourself on the internet.

About Affiliate Marketing:-

I have seen that Majority of Bloggers on Quora Ask me The questions related to Affiliate Marketing. These request I get are mostly from New bloggers in fashion and tech niche.

But Affiliate marketing something every blogger can do. You just need some infomative posts like these to trigger the marketer inside you.

They also think that Affiliate Marketing is something only a professional or Experienced Blogger can do. These Thoughts are natural and Yes, Affiliate marketing requires certain knowledge, lill bit of Skills and Hard work. It completely depends on how you turn your content into a manipulative Review, so that a person who is reading your blog is convinced to buy your referred product.

Sometimes affiliate marketing is negatively pointed As a technique which makes people fool and gives commission to the affiliate. This is A Completely wrong statement and shouldn’t be used. Most of the time Affiliate Marketing helps in mutual benefits. Like when you sign up through any of the links place don my blog,you will get an offer or a discount like on big rock through code BRBFB, or even bonus money like ₹500 or $25 on instamojo and payoneer respectively etc.
This is something you will never get through official websites.

Affiliate Marketing also helps New people in the industry know about the beneficial & trusted products. They will be happy if they are given a discount on their purchased through affiliate links. That’s why is used the word “Mutual Benefit”.

Best Tools for Beginners :-

This is the Best tool to earn from your blog if you love easy to do things & hate the hassel(who doesn’t !) and management of different number sof affiliate links as well as merchants. Viglink automatically converts links son your blog in to money generating affiliated links,approves you to trade with over 3000+ merchants and pays you with every click or sale made through your link.
Shareasale is a very good choice for any blogger looking for wide range of products. There dashboard is clean, they update you with new offers regularly and pay you At net 30-day rule. i like shareasale more than commission junction because they are very easy to use and user friendly.

Signup As Affiliate   Sign up as merchant (the best)

Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr is famous for its freelancers services(know more). But it has also a great program for bloggers Known as fiverr Affiliates. You can easily earn a very good amount of money through every sale made on fiverr, which is an easy task. through your link. it’s easy to earn from fiverr affiliate due to its vast range of services,their is a very high chance of services being bought once you drive a person in the fiverr home page.

Signup – Fiverr Affiliate [Direct Approval]

The above three affiliate programs are the best ones in terms of money,they pay very high commission and quality for beginners to start with. You don’t need to know in-depth measures and techniques to earn great money with these three affiliate programs that is why, i have selected these from numbers of affiliate marketing programs like Commission Junction & ClickBank.
The list will be updated regularly as i find more affiliate programs which are better and will earn you more money. It is suggested to subscribe my blog through email to receive the updates direct in your mail inbox.

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