In The past 2 and a half years of my online presence, I have dealt with many WordPress blogs. Initially, everyone is willing to have a top notch kit to start his/her blog.

Speed is genuinely a main factor of blogs in these days. For those who are unaware of why this is important for a WordPress blog, Read this article on speed.

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Now coming back to the point. In this post, i will be telling you about the Top 4 Cache plugins which i have used in my blogging journey that will help you to speed up your blog dramatically.

Why do we need to pay attention on speed?

As i wrote in my previous article, speed is an official ranking factor nowadays. If you are unaware, let me tell you something about google algorithm update.

In recent updates, google has clearly mentioned that “Speed of a blog’s mobile page is Now an official factor for SERPs”. Previously, this applied only to the desktops. This update will roll out in July 2018.

The best thing you can do to speed your WordPress blog is installing a cache plugin. Although There a few plugins featuring in the repository, I will help you to select the three best of them.

1. W3 Total Cache

4 Best Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog WordPress  plugins

This is probably the best plugin you can have when it comes to possibilities. I don’t recommend W3TC because of it’s ratings, I do because it is genuinely the best.

The Initial configuration of this plugins requires a bit of technical knowledge and beginners might screw up the settings. This is a big reason i don’t recommend this plugin for a start up blog.

Once configured correctly, W3TC works seamlessly. You can manage CDN integration, Leverage Browser cache, Handle Minification and more from this single plugin.

p.s. I use w3tc on all of my blogs which I host on shared servers. its a must to have cache plugin for users with limited resources.

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2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the only premium plugin on our list which is deprived of any free or trial version. however this plugin does deserves the price you pay for it. its probably the fastest cache plugin for wordpress.

4 Best Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog WordPress  plugins

With WP Rocket you also get additional features such as lazy load. with the lazy load add-on you can set the images on your blog to load as soon as a user hits the screen where the image is posted.

checkout WP Rocket >>

3. WP Fastest Cache

4 Best Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog WordPress  plugins

Another awesome plugin it is. No doubt that this plugin is surely the best cache plugin for ant beginners. Unlike other plugin, this one works straight out of the box.

You just have to enable a couple of options which can be accessed  under a single screen. This is very easy to do for any beginner.

The biggest drawback with this plugin is it’s premium version. The free version which is openly available does not provides some basic functionalities which you get free with W3 Total cahe.

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4. WP Super Cache

4 Best Cache Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog WordPress  plugins

The Best thing happened with a cache plugin. Upon installing the plugin, you just need to turn the cache ON. That’s it. This plugin will handle the rest.

The parent company behind this plugin is Automattic (who made WordPress). Regular updates ensure you have the latest coding and features. This plugins masters the art of making static files.

Note – Do not use any other cache plugin with this one.

(Discover WP super cache)

WP Super Cahe has a neck to neck fight with W3Total cache as they both perform outstanding. But as a beginner, you might be comfortable with WP Super Cahe or WP fastest cache.

If you need to know detailed specs of any of the above plugin, do let me know. This is just a list and that’s why I didn’t went too deep.

Remember, A Cache plugin is needed on almost all shared hosting servers. You can test the speed of your website/blog with free tools like pingdom and gmetrix.

What is the speed of your blog or website ? Which cache plugin do you use?

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