Struggling with new content ideas and organic traffic?

In this competitive blogosphere, you can’t rely on random content for getting more search engine traffic. You should be thoughtful enough to prepare a plan in advance on what keywords you want your blog posts to rank for. No SEO can rely on content creation without keyword research. The content SEO start from keyword research itself.

The moment you start you using a keyword research tool effectively, you will start noticing a huge improvement in terms of organic traffic, It may be slow but eventually, the Google will send you its precious traffic steadily.

So, In this post, I will share with you the 5 best keyword research tools you can use to find profitable, easy to rank keywords for your new blog posts in every niche.

Keyword research isn’t dead. I don’t see it going anywhere in near future. You should be smart enough to understand how organic traffic comes to any blog. You target a keyword that is trending and high on PPC, create a piece of content, Do proper SEO, build links to it and get loads of organic, free traffic from Google.

No matter how the informative and valuable article you write, If no one’s searching for it, you won’t get any organic traffic. That’s why I repeatedly recommend scheduling a time slot for doing keyword research. Its necessary and important. Once you make a habit of doing this, New post ideas will keep on coming without bars.

Below listed are some of the most effective keyword research tools for getting ideas for new blog posts.


5 Tools To Do Keyword Research and Get Suggestions For Blog Posts SEO  On page SEO

Almost every day, I use this tool to find new keywords and their CPC data. UberSuggest, now acquired by Neil Patel is an extremely easy to use SEO tool that shows you the best available related keyword and suggestions relevant to the phrase or word you search for.

To your surprise, UberSuggest is soon going to dominate the keyword research and analyzing sector with its new, free to use premium SEO toolkit model.  Read this post from Neil Patel to the end.

UberSuggest also shows you the –

  • CPC of a keyword
  • Related Long-tail Keywords
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Competitive Data

And more.

UberSuggest is the perfect and quick way to find new long tail keywords, Content Ideas and related data for new posts.

Go to UbberSuggest

Answer The Public

5 Tools To Do Keyword Research and Get Suggestions For Blog Posts SEO  On page SEO

This is one of the best keyword suggestion tools I have ever used.

A little secret here, The idea of writing this post came from Answer the public tool itself!

The Answer the public tool is keyword suggestion and content idea suggestion tool so you won’t find any data you see in a typical keyword research tool.

This tool works on a simple rule. Enter a keyword, and the old guy (the tool) will suggest you more than 100s of new blog post ideas in form of questions and phrases related which are most searched on Google worldwide.

It’s free and very simple to use. Once you start using Answer The Public tool, You will never go out of content ideas for new blog posts.

Keep in mind, Answer the public will show you the most relevant questions to the keyword you enter such as “how to” “can” “do” etc. You can download the visual data in the image format. You can download the suggestions as CSV as well.

The correct way to utilize its full potential is to use a keyword research tool which shows the search volume and CPC data along with it.

Give Anwer The Public a try.

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush is a full-fledged SEO tool which comes with many powerful features and tools, all in one place.

SEMrush, apart from its site audit and competition analysis tool also come with an exceptional keyword research tool named “Keyword Magic”.

5 Tools To Do Keyword Research and Get Suggestions For Blog Posts SEO  On page SEO

With the keyword magic tool you can find correlating and high CPC keyword for any seed keyword you enter. using it is simple: You enter a primary keyword, and SEMrush shows you related, most search long tail and easy to rank keywords and phrases.

Along with long tail and correlating keywords for a seed keyword, the keyword magic tool also shows you:-

  • SERP competitors
  • LSI keywords
  • PPC, Search volume, SEO Difficulty
  • Expression & Feeling related questions (with the seed keyword)

and more.

If you want a powerful tool which goes beyond keyword research and blog post idea generation, SEMrush is for you.

Use SEMrush (Free Trial Included)


KWFinder is a freemium tool with premium features.

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that comes from Mangools SEO media. This tool should be your one-stop shop if you don’t do well with those overwhelming dashboard for techies.

Unlike SEMrush, Ubersuggest or Answer The Public,  The KWFinder is much simpler and user-friendly. You enter a keyword and a screen like this with full data is shown:-

5 Tools To Do Keyword Research and Get Suggestions For Blog Posts SEO  On page SEO

The best part, This tool is free for up to 5 searches a day. KWFinder shows you:-

  • New content titles
  • Competition ranking for the same keyword on SERPs
  • Suggestions for long tail keywords
  • Questions searched on Google
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search volume, CPC, and PPC
  • Narrow “Local Keyword” Analysis

You can use KWfinder for your day to day queries. Here’s a pro tip –

“Find the high volume long tail keywords with KWFinder, Then search the same seed keyword in Answer The Public. This will give you numbers of new ideas for your future blog posts.”

Start using KWFinder


SERPstat, a very close competition to SEMrush, is a feature reached keyword planner and research tool that comes with innovative dashboard and super user-friendly interference.

5 Tools To Do Keyword Research and Get Suggestions For Blog Posts SEO  On page SEO

The best feature of SERPstat keyword research tool is “missing keyword analysis” This a part of its keyword insights tool which comes with every plan. I use this to analyze my competitors on weekly basis. Here’s how it works:-

  1. Open the SERPstat keyword overview tool
  2. You enter a root domain, Keyword or URL
  3. The keyword data is shown along with a number of custom views including tree distribution, suggestive answer, LSI and missing keywords.

With SERPstat you can also monitor the keywords you want to rank for along with many additional features which makes SERPstat a complete SEO toolbox.

Do a keyword research on SERPstat

These are the 5 best keyword research and content idea generation tools you can use from today, to get new ideas for your blog posts. If you won’t you may have to keep brainstorming every day on what to write next. So, be sensible enough to differentiate between smart work and hard work.

Keyword research is the first step, the next is-

Whenever you are running out of new posts, new topics to write about on your blog, do a keyword research and along with that, check out other blogs in your niche, Popular forum threads to know more about what people are asking for.

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