Updated WordPress Ping Service List For Faster Search Engine Indexing

If you use WordPress as your CMS (blogging) platform, you must be serious about your blog. You want your articles to be read as soon as you publish them.

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To make this possible, you will have to update your ping services list. In case you don’t know what the service is, here is quick introduction  :-

ping list

Everytime you publish a new post, WordPress automatically pings or notifies all the major feeds and networks and push them to update the information regarding your blog.

For a better reach and pushing things a level up, we update the Ping services that are default in the WordPress. This helps to increase our reach more quickly and effortlessly.

Now this is only possible if you have updated your ping list. To do this, first copy the ping services list given below and follow the steps given after :-

Settings>Writing > Scroll Down 

Step 1 go to ping service Settings

Now Login And Go to the settings In your WordPress dashboard. Move on to the settings and scroll down to the update settings section.

Step 2 enter and click save

Paste the services as it is. The table should contain one service per one line. Click on the save settings button.

That’s it.

Your website will be indexed faster with the updated ping list. Thus increasing the search engine optimization and reach.

Alternatively, you can always use other services like ping-o-matic to ping services manually. This is again a task which needs to be done repeatedly.
I recommend to update the list rather than using the manual method. It’s easy and takes no time.

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Pro Tip :-

As a beginner, you might think that pinging services repeatedly might make you appear more frequently and faster in search engine results. Well, that is a hoax.

Pinging unnecessarily will eventually make your blog balcklisted. Google will consider your blog as a spammer. So be careful, you never want that to happen.

Also note that you don’t need any plugin or any tool once you have updated the list with the services listed above. Nor you need any ping optimizer. Sit back and relax. Let the WordPress do the work.

*Note :- If you run a multisite aka Network installed WordPress blog, you cannot update the ping services. Don’t get surprised if you don’t see those options in your writing settings.

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