If you are going to start a blog or a website, The one thing you must be knowing is This. “What is Web Hosting”.

What Is Web Hosting


Web hosting in simpler form, is the space you buy on a server to host your website. These servers are either privately owned or rented by Hosting providers like Bluehost,Hostgator and Interserver.
When you buy a web hosting plan from The companies like the one above, you actually pay them to keep your website or blog accessible throughout the world. They give you their server’s Space to build up your blog online.
This is just like buying a plot to build a house on it. You pay for the plot and slowly build your house where you will live someday.
Q. Is It Necessary To “Buy” Web Hosting?
Yes, You need to have a web host to make your blog online. However there are some free hosts also but they are never recommended. They have multiple disadvantages but let’s leave this topic for some other day. In one sentence – “Without a web host, you cannot make a website or Blog.
Q. How do Web Hosting Works?
Web hosts provide you with a physical Server. This server contains and stores your website information such as design, content etc. Your Domain Name is Routed towards this server allotted with a social IP Address for identification. When a user clicks on your domain name, the visitor’s browser requests for the needed information. Server responds and provides the browser with the relevant Information and data.
Q. What are types of web hosting?
There are 5 Types, more specifically to say server types which are :-
  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Managed Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Cloud Hosting
In a Nutshell let me tell you about each and every Category of hosting :-
 Types of web hosting
1. SHARED Hosting – Shared Hosting is the best and recommended hosting type for beginners. In this hosting you share a single server with more than 1 users like 4 or 5 users. These are generally cheapest and best value for money.
Best CompaniesHostgator, Bluehost, Ipage
& Interserver


2. MANAGED Hosting – This is a newly developed category of server where your server is fully managed by the hosting providers. You don’t have to worry about security, Speed and Updates etc. This is the best hosting type and can manage millions of users.


Best CompaniesKinsta, WPEngine  & Flywheel


3. DEDICATED Hosting – With Dedicated Hosting plans you are allotted  a dedicated server, just for your website. You own this server completely. However, this hosting isn’t recommended for normal or personal bloggers because you have to manage everything from security to scaling on your own.


Best Companies SiteGround, Inmotion & Hostgator

4. VPS Hosting – VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server. Generally with VPS, you are still using a shared network however your are given a virtual,separate environment so that you don’t have to share your resources with other websites on the same shared sever.

Best Companies A2 Hosting, DreamHost & 1&1.com

5. CLOUD Hosting – Instead of having your website or application run on just a single server – as is traditional – the cloud spreads the work among multiple. Think about it as having a computer that you can upgrade or downgrade on the fly depending on your needs. This runs on multiple cloud computers.

Best CompaniesFastcomet, LiquidWeb, Hostgator & cloudways.[free trial]

Web Hosting Is something you need to choose carefully. This will be the backbone of your blog and help it rise and shine. The hosts above are some of the top brands to choose Hosts more specifically for WordPress, you May look for My handpicked article on- 

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