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On December 26, 2017
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AMP is an abbreviated form of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an important initiative taken by google to make user experience on mobile devices more Faster.

As the Name says it self, AMP Is an Accelerated cached and Minified HTML Version of your regular Articles, which loads very quickly compared to Normal posts.

Have you seen those articles which opens up As soon As you click on them. They look neat, load faster and provide better user experience.

* If you are a Smartphone user, Try adding /amp at the end of this page’s URL. It will be like is….. /amp

What did you see, was it like this screenshot?

What is AMP and My Experience With It SEO
An AMP page from bforbloggers 

Technically, the page you just saw was more clean, loaded faster, had better readability and user friendly.

Have you ever seen that thunderbolt like icon or tag in google App’s Search results.. Like this one –

What is AMP and My Experience With It SEO


This icon or tag indicates that my article will load faster than others that’s why my article will receive more attention. Thanks to AMP


  • Makes your articles more user friendly.
  • Easy to load even on 2G OR slow 3G connections.
  • Provide better Readability and visual appearance.
  • Supports Ads and Comments.


  • Not Very Customizable.
  • Currently Pages are not Supported.
  • Doesn’t show each and every element of the website.

Who should use it?

I thinks every blogger. It’s must to implement AMP in blogs because blogs are all about content and content is meant to read. Moreover It is specially very helpful to People living in India,Brazil,pakistan,Nigeria and pacific regions where Connectivity issues sustains.

My Experience –

Yes, I have had a decent conversation in my traffic stats after implementing AMP and my readers have enjoyed it. However some of them said to remove it as it don’t provide them with my original blog many times.

Still i think i would keep it going, Because this technology isn’t very old and the room for improvements is large. Since AMP is a project carried out by Google, It is going to be more productive and will surely grow to our expectations.

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