In This Article,  I will tell you about what is a blog and how does it work.  I will also share some tips and both the sides of a blog and it’s blogger.

Blogging is defined as providing Informative Articles On Selected Topics And Niche. Blogging in more simpler from is the articles you write On Any Online CMS Platform, for example, WordPress.
What Is Blogging And Insights On A Blogger's Job Basics & Tutorials On Blogging  what is blogging and how does it work

Needless to say,

Blogging Is done On a blog made by you or some others (In form of guest posting and Collaborations).

A Blog is essential to start blogging. Your blog works as an online directory of posts you write in it. This Blog is accessible from the internet throughout the world.

Blogs were made to share thoughts, Ideas, Helpful guides, Information and much more. Blogging became more and more famous as the years passed and technology rose.

The connectivity ocean, The internet and it’s low costs gave a hike to its overall growth. Few years back when the internet was expensive, Broadbands were absent and tech gears were not widely available, blogging was seemed to be a pure part time – loss.

This isn’t True in these days though. With the rise of internet, it’s cheap rates, Easy access to Laptops and PCs have given blogging a tag of “Full time career”.

Q.But How did the internet & Tech served in This growth?

Smartphones and Laptops are now widely available with the cheapest rates possible. Due to which people can easily purchase and adopt to its uses.

More the new people join the internet, more the queries in search engine will increase. Search engines don’t publish their own articles, they look for the answers in blog posts and web pages.
This uplift in the number of queries has given a sustain growth to the health of blogs and the bloggers.

You see, without users, their is no blog. No blog, no information, no information no results to show and then what?
End of search engines and so for the internet.
Blogging is nowadays considered as a full time job and a career for youth with knowledge and skills.

Blogging is just like your Permanant job with some good sides of its own. Some of them are :-
  1. You Are Your Own Boss
  2. Your time is yours
  3. Your office is where you imagine
  4. You don’t have to wait till 1st of the month for the pay cheque
  5. You work the way you like, No Bars.
That’s just a small list. Starting A Blog and Blogging may be the best thing ever happened to you. You can live the life you want to. 
That was the fair side. While blogging Makes you feel the more you, it is not going to work for everyone the same.
With the growth of online industry, Blogging has become one of the top competitive jobs. Everyday, There are Thousands of people who start their own blogs. Every second a post is being published and more are being while you are reading this post.
Since The number of people being online has been rising significantly, their expectations to recive more quality has also grown.
This happened because of the quantity of overall bloggers around he world. The numbers are getting more and more each days, and every blogger is not capable of providing quality content. 
That’s why quality is given priority over quantity. Both by Search Engines and Users. Creating articles which are not so informative and useless is also known as content farming which is bad for SEO.

So You should keep this point in mind that creating your web presence on the internet is not an easy task these days. It takes months and years to shine among the others.
No Need to worry about above said, you can start a blog if you have passion, dedication and Will to do something. Success awaits you.

I hope This Article has given you more than a glimpse of blogging. If you found this post informative, do share this with others.

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