When Large Traffic Raids a website or a blog Without A CDN, It Starts To Load Slow, And Degrades the user experience Level. Moreover When A CDN is Activated, Not Only It Boosts The Speed But It Also Does Something More than that.

Definition and Insights :-
CDN Is Actually an Abbreviated Form of Content Delivery Network. Thesis begins On the Rage of Traffics. CDN Helps websites with large Amount of Traffic to Easily Increase their reach and loading Speed. CDN Helps in reducing Traffic loads on Single server by Dividing the traffic in to numerous Small Servers. CDN Also Helps In reducing Bot Traffic, In most cases it Almost eliminated the Bot Traffic from reaching the servers.

Making it More Easier :-
Having The High load on a single wooden plank will Break it, But When Divided in To 2 or more, It’s Strength Increases. Same happens when we talk about servers, When your website starts to engage more and more traffic, their will more load on a Single Server To Process the traffic Accurately and de deliver Speed and Sustainable Connection. CDN Is used to Divide Traffic and Increase Sustainable Connection and Speed.
“If Someone Visits Bforbloggers from USA and India at the same time, my Server has to manage both of them at once. With CDN Activated The Visitor From USA Will be redirected To The Closest Server possible and the user form INDIA will Also Be redirected To Closest Server. By Doing this No Sever is over loaded and Your Website is easily Accessible.


CDN Works on DNS level. When a Visitor Clicks bforbloggers.com he is redirected to My Hosts Server (i.e. Hostgator ) Which is located In Houston, USA. If i Enable CDN, The visitor will be First redirected to the closest server and then He will be given the Access to Bforbloggers. Distance between User and CDN sever is directly proportional to The Loading Speed.
Benefits Of Using CDN
CND Providers like MaxCDN provide excellent Protection against Bots. This helps in Giving more importance to Genuine Traffic and Reduce The Load.
However The Famous Free CDN provider CloudFare Also Gives protection against bots, They have been reported to Be very Undefined. Sometimes they Show A reCAPTCHA to Some genuine user creating a pathetic impression, and Making them Not to visit your site again.

CDN is Now One of the Official Search Engine Ranking Factors. Google has clearly stated that the faster Sites Secures higher Rankings.
Website owners including me, have seen increased Engagement, Reduced Bounce Rates and Better Ranking After Using CDN. This clearly Shows Faster Sites creates Great Impressions on users

Best CDN Services

Free and paid CDN Provider – CloudFare
Paid And Premium Services – MaxCDN

* Don’t forget to check this deal on KeyCDN I brought For you.

We prefer using MaxCDN or KeyCDN  above free Cloudfare CDN because the User experience and reliability Is Greater and better. These two CDN(s) Are the best and You Will be getting Best in class Services.

Tip – Implement Sucuri Firewall for enhanced security and preventions from hacks.

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