Why You Will Never make Money From Blogging

The Blog Makeover Series is Having a good time with My Readers. So today we are going to discuss another Topic in Making Money Which is “Why you will Never Make Money from Blogging” and  Learn How to Make Money from Blogging or How to correct them. 

Blogging is first of all, not a Platform for earning Easy-money.It’s like your Daily paid Job. If you think blogging will give you easy money within the first week of your blogging journey, you might end giving up.
Blogging is all about passion, dedication your will to make difference and earn respect, fame and Of course Money 💵.
The Blogging Mantra
If you started blogging just to Earn money and nothing more, my friend, ship has already sunk. With this mind set you will never ever earn Real money. First of all change this MIND SET. Start to give your best. Never hesitate to give your most valuable techniques and skills,but yes don’t loose them all at once. Give you and your blog time. It’s all about time & patience unless some magic happens and at last, keep your audience engaged.With daily posts and fun,always be available to them through different modes.
(Ths was the All about Blogging in a Nutshell.)
Now it’s time for the mistakes and Corrections:-
Selection Of Niche 

Selecting A Niche is something every New blogger doesn’t want to think upon. However,This is the key 🔑 for The success of a blogger. A niche is Known as a particular Sector of Industry or market for specialized Services. This definition itself strikes to think twice before selecting your niche. Always know your capabilities and knowledge. Your niche should be something you know in depth about. You cannot go far in Digital niche if you love cooking. Maybe you like using New technologies but you don’t love it. You don’t pursue to known everything about it.

Neglecting To Learn About New Things & Methods
Blogging Is a part of Online Industries. When you write a post about anything on your blog, you are actually providing information to a consumer of Online Services. This Sector is continuously Upgraded and New things,More unique,More useful and more Easy-to-Use Services in form of tools,websites,plugins,online services,software,hardware,malware Etc. Are Brought up Everyday.
If you neglect STAYING UPDATED then you are also keeping your Audience Backward and your Audience will eventually leave you behind. No one will listen to a Gramophone on the street bus. They will always look for the headphones.
Similarly you also have to Keep your blog Regularly updated. Always try to be the first person to Use,Read or write a review about the product you would love to use and tell about to your Visitors.Implement the new tools in your website and see if they work for you. Be honest with your audience regarding your experience. Don’t just go for the commission.
 This will also help and has a major impact on SEO Rankings. Search engines welcome fresh and regular postings blogs.
Using Free Hosting Providers :-

I don’t want to disappoint you But i have no choice. I Need you to See this ScreenShot before going further. Have a look :-

This is was a result of my 2 year old blog Byfinefitness which is now dead.The Ad Network is Chitika. my blog passed the test because it wasn’t hosted on BlogSpot,WordPress or tumbler.
The Above screenshot is more than enough to keep you away from free Hosting specially in the case of A WordPress Blog. You cannot earn a single rupee from Free WordPress Blog. You have to buy a hosting plan. Blogger(BlogSpot) has an advantage of AdSense, which again is very tough to get Approved.
My Advice to you will be, if you are Serious about blogging and want to earn money through your blog(who doesn’t!) Then you should buy a Hosting Additionally.(My Article on learn more about Hosts best for WordPress ).
Without Additional Hosting, It is very very tough to get even satisfying Results.The possibilities and customization of your blog is very limited. With Additional hosting you are the owner of your blog. Do Anything you need to.

Running for traffic,Ignoring The Quality|Running for Money,Ignoring the Content 
The Lines Above are An Important Postulate for me. I always pursued content more than traffic. Traffic is directly proportional to the content you write. Quality & Quantity Both.The more you write,the better will be your traffic consistency.But this doesn’t mean you write rubbish. Writing content on a blog is not a walk in the park. Study,Research,hours of hard work,Analysis report,Keyword search and lots of things there are to be concerned. No matter how many posts you write if they aren’t something people look about,You are Doomed.No one wants to learn about windows XP in 2017.
Content is the king,Rules the Ping
(ping is the rate at which Blog sends data about newly posted articles to search engines).
serving Content is the main purpose of  Blog.You get the viewers based upon Readers Interest. If you write articles readers are interested to know about you will get huge amount of traffic.Search before you write about what is trending.After every 5 Quality Articles, write a traffic generating article by searching trending topics.
Better content will be helping you the most in getting approval from Quality Ad Networks like AdSense,Media.net and infolinks.
The final Verdict on making money from blogging is Keeping your Content the best it can be & Using Paid Hosting. These too are the most important aspects of blogging.Nothing can be more beneficial. No SEO No tool No Advertisement will work if your content is Sloppy and you use free host.

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