WPEngine Is All Set To Increase The Hosting Price : All Details

WPEngine Is All Set To Increase The Price

Recently i received a mail from WpEngine and here is what they said –

Announcing WP Engine Digital Experience Platform with New Plans

On March 1st, we will be officially launching the first WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP) plans with features that deliver our customers Creative Agility, Enterprise Performance, Actionable Intelligence, Ecosystem Integration, and Legendary Service.

What does this mean for our customers?

There is no plan or pricing change for current customers on March 1st. They will have a grace period from March 1, 2018 to their monthly renewal date in September, 2018, or their first annual billing anniversary after September 1, 2018.

During this grace period customers will not see any plan or pricing change. At the end of the grace period, they will move over to the closest equivalent plan and pricing—and customers will get to carry over the number of installs included in their current plans and features.

Additionally, customers will have access to even more environments than they do on their current plans today.

Here’s an overlook to the pricing before and after :-

WP engine price before



Wpengine new pricing

Effective starting September 1, 2018:
Existing customer plans will be converted to a new plan that is the closest equivalent of the existing plan, at the new plan prices.

When converted to a new plan, existing customers will keep the number of installs included in their existing plans at no cost.

Existing customers will keep the features included in their existing plan (e.g. Content Performance and GeoTarget for clients on a Business plan).

The best thing I see is the free CDN which previously costed $19/month.

At last they did it, people at WPEngine have included a free migration process with every plan. The price hike is acceptable keeping these points in mind.

Do share your views on this change in the comments section below.

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2 Replies to “WPEngine Is All Set To Increase The Hosting Price : All Details”

  1. WPEngine were always pricier, so this change is baffling as it’s more than doubled the price in some cases.

    Many folks have been wanting WPEngine to lower their prices or give better deals at the same price point. e.g. maybe 150K hits on the $99 plan. (That would have got us back with them)

    The most popular plan, and the one we used to be on until we couldn’t afford the overage charges nor the step up to the next tier, was 10 sites for $99.

    Now they’re halved the sites and increased the price by 15%!!!

    So, now anyone who wants 10 sites, will either need two $115 plans or one $290. The former represents a 132% increase!!!!!

    Imagine if other service providers did that? Imagine if this month the mobile phone plan you’re considering is charging $99/mth and next month they tell you the same service will cost you $230?!! You walk right out of there.

    All I can guess is WPEngine is trying to move more towards being an enterprise provider. It’s sad to see, but opens the door for someone to fill the void.

    1. I have to agree with you, Chris. The WPEngine folks have been a pioneer in the revolution of managed hosting but it seems like they are considering themselves as the bar. There are many strong competitors such as kinsta, nestify, pressiduim and studiopress which can soon make WPEngine shut down.
      They should and must lower their prices.

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